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Monday, June 04, 2007

Blogging? When would I fit that in?

Wow, how long has it been since I blogged anything? Days? It sure has been several days now, sorry. I've been busy hanging out with Brother Tim and I just haven't sat down long enough to report on all of our fun. We've been to the desert for an afternoon's shooting fun with my buddy Loc. We visited the Union Station in Ogden and toured through all the museum exhibits there, especially the John M. Browning museum. We also took a trip out to our local legend, military surplus collector and peddler, Smith & Edwards for a walk around their surplus yard.

We've had meals at the just-opened Texas Roadhouse BBQ joint, the Union Grill and last night, we all went to Rodezio's Brazilian Grill down in Trolley Square. That was my first trip to this local favorite eatery and it was a nice experience. It wasn't all that special, as I had been led to believe, but it was pretty nice. One complaint: the drink that I ordered from the bar came loaded down with far too much ice and lime slices, leaving too little room in the glass for the drink. Otherwise, it was a pretty fine dinner.

Here's an interesting fact to consider: John Moses Browning made 62 trips from Ogden Utah, to the FN gun factory in Belgium during his lifetime, beginning in 1902! Let that sink in a moment- 62 trips from Utah to Belgium, successfully and apparently without incident. Tim and I figured that it would take nearly a week to travel by train from Ogden to New York and no less than another week to sail by ocean liner from New York to Europe. Double that to make it a round trip and you have used up no less than 1 entire month just for travel. Multiply that month's travel by 62 trips and JMB spent 5+ years of his life just traveling to do business! That huge use of time just to get back and forth is hard to imagine in these days of air travel, electronic communications through phones and faxes and video conferencing, yet John made the travel to ensure the company building his gun designs were getting it right.

Anyway, we have been busy and having a great time so its been impossible to get all the fun blogged. Tonight's their last night in town so we'll be hosting them at our house before they depart for Florida tomorrow. This week I'm moving into another cubicle on the job, but its just on the other side of the wall where I'm sitting right now. I still get a window view and I won't move fully until my phone gets shifted over. But I do have to clear out the last guy's stuff before I can move in, so I'll be busy.

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